The Management Team

The experience, expertise and resources H.CO draws upon are decades in the making.
Led with integrity, acumen and ingenuity by its two co-founders, the company’s ambition to balance commercial and social impact projects is more than matched by its ability to deliver.

Michael Tiemens, Managing Director

Michael Tiemens’ love of property began at any early age. Determined to carve his own path, he parlayed small real estate steps into increasingly larger projects and by age 27 was among the country’s top 1% of property investors.

Using his knowledge and achievements to inspire industry peers, Michael became a much sought after mentor and motivational speaker, then established Peak Property Group to help property owners realise their property development objectives and unlock the value of their homes.

Creative, passionate, and a genuine thought leader, Michael is the best person to lead the team and deliver on the aspirations and goals of H.CO.

Brad Harris, Director

True to the family name, Brad Harris combines a sharp business mind and entrepreneurial spirit, with a track record of success and the belief business can, and must, be a force for positive social change.

As co-founder of the Sporting Globe Bar & Grill, he helped create Australia’s leading sports bar franchise, which employs more than a thousand people nationwide.

Now Managing Director of Harris Capital, his guiding hand ensures every H.CO development ‘makes a difference’ through the creation of liveable and usable spaces that enrich the community.




Be it a boutique townhouse collection or modest medium-rise development, our approach to residential projects is always that of quality over quantity. From our choice of location, to the smallest design detail, we focus on creating sophisticated residential living experiences that contribute positively to the communities in which they’re situated.



A commercial development can be so much more than a corporate address. By integrating uses that anticipate the needs of businesses within and beyond its footprint, our office buildings become an ecosystem that fosters engagement, exposure to new ways of thinking and the exchange of ideas.


Mixed Use

We underpin each development with a painstaking analysis of its built form, social and cultural contexts. Doing so reveals opportunities to introduce complementary, often innovative uses that better serve the needs of residents, occupants and neighbours, and thus better embeds the project within its surrounding community.


Social Housing

The causes of homelessness are complex, but the provision of permanent accommodation to those affected or at risk, is simply life-changing. As part of Harris Capital we are working to reduce homelessness through innovative housing solutions for Australia’s rough sleepers

What we do

H.CO creates places that connect with their communities. Be it residences, offices, mixed use or social housing, the concept of belonging is central to our development philosophy, and expressed at every opportunity in each project we undertake.

In pursuit of this ideal, we engage some of the most highly regarded and forward-thinking planning, architecture, interior design, sustainability and landscape professionals in the industry.

The attention to detail and experiential elegance with which each H.CO project is realised, fully reflects this collective energy and expertise.

We are also mindful that communities grow stronger when every member contributes. Accordingly, we apply the same passion and forethought when considering the additional uses a project could incorporate to benefit those who live or work beyond its physical footprint.