About H.CO

H.CO is a principled property developer. To us, each new project is an opportunity to push the world forward, through better, smarter, greener buildings that help protect the environment, and promote the health and wellbeing of society.

We achieve this by anticipating the future needs of those who will reside, work, visit or relax in the spaces we create. Doing so enables us to incorporate ideas that will enrich their lives, and the community overall, today and tomorrow.


01 Residential

Be it a boutique townhouse collection or modest medium-rise development, H.CO residential projects tread lightly on the planet while rewarding those who call them home with a sophisticated and adaptable, contemporary living experience.

02 Commercial

H.CO designs sustainable, future-ready commercial properties that adapt seamlessly to the needs of individual tenants, the expectations of their customers, and the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Utilising the latest technology, the office environments we craft prioritise safety and security, streamline communication and collaboration, and elevate the workplace experience for staff and customers, alike.

03 Mixed Use

Mixed use developments present an opportunity to leave a legacy of positive change that helps the community it serves to flourish. By identifying unmet needs within the project’s catchment area, and respecting prevailing built forms, we succeed in delivering design outcomes and thriving tenancies that are welcomed by all.

04 Social Housing

The causes of homelessness are complex, but providing permanent accommodation to those affected or at risk, is nothing short of life-changing. Together with our philanthropic partner, we are working to create innovative housing solutions for Australia’s rough sleepers.